Invite Family & Friends to Plan and Share

Whether your next Walt Disney World vacation is with your whole family or a few friends, simplify travel planning by connecting to them in
Family & Friends.

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Get everyone on the same page.

Family & Friends provides behind-the-scenes connections to the people you’re traveling with so you can easily plan your Walt Disney World visit.

Adding people to your Family & Friends list allows you to make and share activities and reservations with others, and allows them to make plans for you.

Create your Family & Friends list.

Planning together is a whole lot easier when you‘re connected. Make dining reservations that other Guests can view in their plans. Post reminder notes that each person in your group will see.

And having everyone in your family already in your list means their names can quickly be added to reservations and other plans—a big time saver.

Streamline planning for any size group.

If you’re the one making plans for your family or travel party, be sure everyone is in Family & Friends. Then you’ll be able to quickly add anyone in your list to reservations and activities, and view and manage the plans for your entire party.

Get started now.

Simply go to your Family & Friends list and choose “Add a New Guest.” You’ll see 3 options for adding New Friends:

  • If you already have a Family & Friends list started, you can select from a list of people your friends are connected to.
  • If your friend has a Disney Resort hotel reservation, you can quickly connect to everyone on the reservation.
  • If you’re creating a new Family & Friends list, or want to add your children or others who don’t have Disney accounts, simply enter a name.

Read Frequently Asked Questions to learn more about using Family & Friends.

When you add family and friends, they will be able to see your full name and age (or “18+”, if you’re age 18 or older) and the names of everyone on your Family & Friends list―unless you opt to keep your list private. With each new name you add, you can choose to allow that person to view all of your activities or just the activities the two of you have in common. You can also opt to share the images or other digital content in your Disney PhotoPass account. Family and friends who are on your Disney Resort reservation can view the reservation information and may, if age 18 or older, view the remaining balance and optionally, make a payment.

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